Tips on Finding New Energy in Any Given Moment

Continuing our journey of cultivating new energy with an added boost of Spring energy, we’re focusing on something simple yet powerful: noticing and appreciating the beauty around us.

In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, it’s easy to get caught up in our routines and forget to pause and connect with the world around us. But with every new day comes an opportunity to start anew, and by taking a few moments to be present and mindful, we can unlock the wonders of the world that are always accessible to us.

One of my personal favorite ways to connect and reconnect is by looking up at the sky. Whether in nature, at home, or at work, the sky is a constant presence that holds boundless beauty and inspiration for all of us.

So if you need a moment of peace in our ever-faced paced world, I invite you to join me in committing to a simple practice: pausing for a few minutes without distractions from electronics and giving your undivided attention to the beauty around you. 

It can be as simple as taking in the sunlight peeking through your window, the leaves dancing on trees, the bird songs, the breeze in the air, or the aroma of your favorite foods and drinks. Whatever you choose, be present in the moment and don’t think about where you need to be next or what tasks await you. It’s a moment of pure mindfulness, a practice of being in the now and appreciating the beauty surrounding us daily.

If you find it challenging to quiet your mind and be fully present, one helpful technique is to create a checklist to offload your thoughts.  Jot down any thoughts or worries that come to mind, just as you would with a to-do list, and set them aside for the moment. By acknowledging them and giving yourself permission to come back to them later, you can free up mental space to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the present moment.


To make this practice a part of your daily routine, you can tag it with something you already do every day.

For example, you can pause and appreciate the beauty around you before you get in your car to start your commute, as you grab your morning beverage to kickstart your day, or even as you sit at your desk before diving into work.

Personally, I love to take this moment for myself first thing in the morning as I open the blinds to let in the light, boil water for my favorite tea, or go on my daily walks as a morning meditation but also to connect with nature.

It’s a simple yet profound way to start my day with intention and gratitude, setting the tone for a positive and mindful mindset that carries me throughout the day.

By practicing this simple act of noticing and appreciating the beauty around us, we can tap into the wonders of the world that are always within reach – helping us to come back to ourselves.

It’s a powerful reminder that there is beauty in every moment, and by being fully present and mindful, we can unlock the joy, inspiration, and renewal that the world has to offer.

So let’s commit to pausing, being present, and finding beauty in our everyday moments. This is a simple yet powerful practice for personal growth and mental health.



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