Reviving Your Intentions

As we enter eclipse season and reflect on our intentions for the year, it’s time to review and recreate our goals and intentions.

To encourage this exercise of intention setting, those we may have already set and what we may want to revisit, I’m sharing some prompts with you today:

  • Consider your goals at the start of the year or last month. Is there anything you want to change or revise?

  • What stories or patterns are you ready to release and let go of, creating space for possibilities?

  • If you had a second chance in various aspects of your life, your work, relationships, and overall life trajectory, what would you do differently?

  • Are you utilizing your inherent talents and gifts in your daily life?

  • What are your biggest dreams that you’ve held yourself back from pursuing?

  • What new choices can you make to align with your dreams and become your best self?

It’s never too late to revisit and realign with your intentions. Ultimately, you are the creator and chooser of your life experience. So let’s set our intentions, make choices that align with our dreams, and create a life we love. 

Cheers with a cup of tea from me to you, my friend! 

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