Hi, Welcome to my blog!

My name is Sholeh, I’m a Jay Shetty Certified Holistic Transformation & Mindset Coach! I help my clients become the best version of themselves, transform and heal patterns and beliefs that are not serving them to awaken their ability to live life in alignment and with purpose.  

As someone who was perpetually striving, after being promoted every single year in my corporate career until I made Vice President at 28, I woke up at 32 feeling ever-increasingly disconnected in a never-ending race, practically on autopilot. 

I now know what it takes to step into your power, transform habits, dissolve limiting beliefs, find your truth, and awaken to living your life in alignment with what makes you feel alive and fulfilled NOW instead of a later date. 

I’m a Jay Shetty Certified life & Success Coach, A Writer, CREATOR, podcast host of ‘the light side’, ENTREPRENEUR, and former vice president at goldman sachs.

I spent 12.5 years leading a career in Operations & Strategy at a Top Tier Global Investment Bank and a start-up in between – building subject matter expertise in process improvement, product development, and organizational structure.  That was until I found myself so burnout and exhausted, perpetual striving with no end in sight. I could not get out of bed, with little to zero energy for anything. I struggled with severe insomnia, fallen into depression, and somehow missed all the signs, entirely on AUTOPILOT to my well-being! How was this possible? I was living in my DREAM CITY, in a stunning apartment, great friends, an active social calendar, and always a big smile – YET, inside, I felt more isolated than ever. What had happened to the energetic, super ambitious me that wanted to make MD/Partner at this firm? Why did I feel so anxious, unable to move or enjoy anything? For more on this, read my post, “How I ended up here, burnout and duality.

Fast forward to today, I can now sleep without taking 4-6 different prescribed insomnia medications (which, by the way, none worked for me) and sparing you lots of details, I owe it to the meaningful changes I was able to make. A massive list of thank you’s is due here! I transformed from burnout to living, more present than ever before, on a journey of living out what makes me feel alive and aware of THIS moment in the here and now.

I’ll use this platform to share all I know and am learning as a coach, tips and opportunities for our combined growth.

I’m incredibly passionate about consciousness, self-discovery, and personal growth. From 14 years of actively manifesting my life and being hooked on personal development books, my life has been a cumulation of manifestations. Who knew a little girl born in Iran as a Baha’i without fundamental rights (even to higher education) would be living the life of her dreams in New York City? When you read this, I’ve moved out of my NYC apartment, on an exploratory journey, stepping out of my comfort zone and trying a new way of life. 
You’ll find posts on topics I’m passionate about, including mindset, mindfulness, self-discovery, self-growth, mental health, well-being, AND spirituality, of course, because I wouldn’t be ME without this deeply rooted and fully grounded FAITH I have in life.
I also hope to be a safe space for you to turn to for support, motivation, and inspiration – including favorite books, potential travel tips, and more. 

My passion truly drives me to spread positivity and light as far-reaching as possible! I would LOVE for you to join me to get unstuck and thrive together.

Big hugs and lots of love,
P.S. I would love to be friends on social media. Find my handles on my contact page or instagram @sholehtareh. Don’t forget to send me a DM 🙂