Your True North

As I was thinking about the intention of this post, “Your True North,” a book called “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho immediately popped into my mind. I take that as a sign to share this recommendation with anyone drawn to reading this post! Reading this book greatly impacted my life, and the events that unfolded later helped me find my life’s purpose and, ultimately, my happy place, which is surely not a destination. I recommend adding it to your reading list if you haven’t read it yet. 

Your True North

What if you wholeheartedly knew that your highest path, the most uncomplicated and perhaps joyful way of living your life, is the same as stepping into and finding your life’s purpose? 
Now you’re thinking, how do I know if I’m in my life’s purpose and flow? Hang in there with me! Does what you’re doing excite you? And I mean, genuinely, to your core, excite you? When you visualize or think about your actions, do you feel your heart light up? Do things tend to flow in perfect timing? Or do you face resistance and continuous obstacles? Pretty much quite the opposite of ease? 

Being in your life’s purpose and where you are meant to be 

has more to do with how you do what you do versus what you do. It can be spotted by feelings of excitement, contentment, and ease in how things fall into place and happen in your life. You don’t have to force things; I don’t mean NOT putting in effort or action. But the things you act towards and are doing come easily to you. They’re an extension of you. You not only enjoy doing them, but you’re also good at them. 

Why should you care about your true north?

It’s true that what we read, watch, and consume greatly impact our life and the journey we experience. It’s also true that it is our birthright to follow what our instincts really guide us or sometimes scream at us to do!! It is SO important – we need to pursue what brings us alive, aware, and in tune! See what is in front of us, hear the words spoken, feel the energy of what is said or unsaid, and live in the present moment.
Because there is a plan for your existence! And unless you’re tuned in to the here and now, you might miss it. What do I mean by being in the here and now? Is there anywhere else to be? For most people, we are physically present yet mentally in the past, rethinking things that were done or said and, in the future, anxiously waiting or worrying – I will leave this topic for another blog post. Simply put, the here and now is being, seeing, hearing, feeling, and being AWARE of the present moment, not in your recent conversation with a friend or deep in thought (having potentially missed the entire drive home). 
You were born on this planet, a part of TRILLIONS of other galaxies, with billions of beings just like you on Earth in a miraculous human body.  You’re HERE to do what feels exciting, NOT just what you are told you SHOULD do. It’s doing things that make your heart expand and smile, bringing your BEING to LIFE at this moment. Taking that step naturally allows doors that are in your highest path to open up for you to walk through. 
When we are in our life’s purpose and step into the path the universe has laid out for us, everything about our experience tends to fall into place seamlessly. By that, I’m NOT stating effortlessly – because effort and action are required and KEY. But it’s almost as if you’re watching a dance, and the rhythm is in synchronicity with every step the dancer takes, and the steps fall into place, creating the motion you’re watching. That motion, in this context, is your life, with the dance moves being actions you’re inspired to take. 

It feels like the Universe was waiting for you to knock.

The doors just spring wide open. The ease with which things fall into place is the Universe’s way of speaking to you and encouraging you to do more of what you’re doing. To continue on your path. When you experience resistance or things are just really, really hard, the message the universe is giving you is to take stock – not for feelings of shame and disappointment BUT for awareness and steer – to try another way. There is a popular phrase by Bryant McGill, rejection is redirection, and redirection is protection. Chances are that path wasn’t going to bring you the utmost fun and joy anyway – SIMILAR TO dancing to the rhythm of another song – it feels uncomfortable, unnatural, and out of place.

I recognize that so many of us are doing what we are doing to make a means to an end and what makes sense for income and livelihood.   But many of us are also on autopilot. I understand we all need money to support our basic human needs.  Beyond that, I’m also a huge proponent of ambition and wanting more than just basic needs to live COMFORTABLY. In abundance!! There is a sticky message that I’m trying to drive home – many of us need to laser-focus on surviving to the point where living gets pushed to the side. Luckily, we can apply purpose to any and every single thing that we do daily. 
And that is where I’m hoping and intending to challenge our thinking around BEING. What if we dared to take our EXISTENCE up a notch and shift from just EXISTING to BEING? From surviving to LIVING. Instead of just opening our eyes each morning, waking up every day NEW with persistent joy. Feeling an innate drive from our BEING, motivated, encouraged, and inspired.  What if you, too, could be in YOUR POWER? Excited for your next move, to follow your next instinct.
I know that you deserve all of this. You are entitled to living with YOUR PURPOSE! To happiness and feeling satisfied, fulfilled, at peace, and at ease in your life!  It is how you and I were ALL born to partake in this human experience with our full potential. For many of us, our upbringing has brought with it many limiting beliefs and conditions instilled within us. As Eckhart Tolle says in his book, “The Power of Now,” we carry our pain bodies throughout our lives. In simpler terms, we are a cumulation of our experiences (good and bad) as early in our lives as we can remember, making up our conditioning and how we perceive, process, and approach situations—most of the time, highly coupled with doubt and worthiness wounds.
If anything, I aim to drive home with this post, is this – by aligning yourself and what you’re doing daily to the things that excite you, or with your presence awareness, you are bringing the magic of what makes you uniquely YOU into the world; by doing so, elevating the energy of the collective world. When we are doing what we love, with our full presence, our energy is in a higher vibration, and that naturally impacts those who interact with us and, as such, has a ripple effect, impacting the collective vibration. Excitement, passion, and joy, are all in the same vibrational frequency as love, the highest vibrational frequency there is! Imagine a world where we act and move daily from a place of excitement, passion, and enjoyment. If it isn’t our energy that makes up the collective, then I’m not sure what is. 
By first prioritizing and taking care of our primary need (being and doing what we are here to do), we establish a persistent baseline of joy, which fuels us to share that high vibration and enables us to take others along on that journey too. The sense of awareness is a key player in all of this. Take stock of what in your experience is flowing and what is not, or more simply, what in your life feels good and what does not. The awareness alone will open the floodgates to so many other knowings that will come from within you in the form of realizations, conversations, dreams, or signs.
AWARENESS is always, always, the first and biggest step to making change.  To feel, to hear your calling, and recognize your purpose.
This topic intertwines with many other key topics I’m writing about, including conscious awareness, presence, learning to trust your intuition, following your instincts, knowing when something isn’t working for you, navigating confusion, feeling lost, and more.
I hope these pieces inspire food for thought and bring downloads of wisdom from deep within you into your awareness. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. 
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