Abundance of Time Mindset: Embracing Ease and Flow

Our to-do lists are often essential for productivity but the sense of urgency that comes with them can often make time feel scarce

The more we feel time slipping away, the more anxiety can creep in. 

Despite the vastness of time in the universe, our perception of time is interesting. If we reference NASA articles, they speak of time in terms of hundreds of millions of years. Yet, we are hard-wired to believe that we are always running out of time, influenced by societal expectations and pressure of where we should be by what age. This pattern of rushing and striving to do more consumes our lives at macro and micro levels, fueled by a fear-driven ego.

But here’s my aha moment: What if we also applied the concept of an abundance mindset to TIME? Imagine how it could radically transform our perception of time and lighten the pressure we put on ourselves. Instead of feeling like we’re constantly being chased by time, we could dance to the rhythm of life. Adding more flow and reducing anxiety in whatever we’re occupied with. The only difference is how we will feel in the doing of things we’re occupied with. After all, it’s our perception that shapes our experience.

So, what happens if we bring this theory into practice?

We bring presence to the table, and we bring it to our day-to-day lives. When we apply an abundance mindset to time, we assure ourselves that we have all the time needed to experience and get done. We give ourselves the assurance and peace that comes with trust and faith in the present moment.  Suddenly, the moments are no longer filled with anxiety.

It allows us to focus and get more done without feeling distracted or leaving things half-done because we’re always rushing to the next thing. By slowing down, we actually gain more time.

When we trust, we welcome ease and flow. As we let go of the resistance that comes with scarcity, we slingshot forward. That sense of abundance in time gives us time back in a spiritual sense by adding peace to our day 😌

I’m sure you’ve experienced it, too – the more you do, the more you can get done, and the more time seems to expand. It’s almost astonishing how productive we can be when actively engaged. On the other hand, when we’re inactive, it feels like we never have enough time or energy to do much.

Our world is a mirror reflecting what we’re feeling. If we think that time is scarce, our focus on that joins forces with circumstances and events to prove that. The famous quote, “as within, so without,” comes to mind. If we slow down and trust that we’ll get to our entire to-do list, imagine what could happen to our output! The flow feels magical, and our undivided attention creates a channel for better results✨

From a broader perspective, when we let go of the need to shape every experience to fit our expectations, life can pleasantly surprise us, often turning out better than our plans! Like watching a beautiful sunset, where we don’t plan or choose the colors of the sky, yet it never fails to mesmerize us with its awe-inspiring display of changing hues. So, why not give it a try and let go of the need to control the hows and whens of things? There might just be perfect timing for accomplishing what we desire.

This also differs from procrastination at a micro level because it’s not about putting things off but rather giving ourselves grace. To fuel what we’re doing with presence, to enjoy the journey. To not inject the experience with feelings of frustration or disappointment with ourselves for what we didn’t get to or things we cannot control. but appreciating what we are experiencing instead. Otherwise, we’re neither there nor here but in between, giving the power of our presence away.

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